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    Oh hi! I’m Karen King. It’s so good to have you. Tbh, I’d rather hear about you, but since you already here, let’s do this. 

    First and foremost,


    You can prolly guess what I mean, but I’ll explain anyways. In short,
    there are people, jobs, purchases, pizza that make you say ‘fuck yeah’.
    Not ‘yeah, ok’. Not ‘that’s a great idea’. Nope. FUCK. YEAH. And the
    things that make your chest swell and your guts explode with that
    FUCK YEAH feel? Those are the things worth doing. Life’s
    too short— and you’re too awesome — to settle for anything less.



    If you read that and let out a little “hell yes”, then you’re halfway to
    becoming an official member of the FUCK YEAH Society.
    The other half? Signing up:

    Join the FUCK YEAH Society

    We think you should love every square inch of your life. So do what you want and surround yourself with awesome, always.


    We make type-centric goods that start conversations. That can tell a joke and don’t hesitate to throw in the odd f-bomb — while still being smart about it. We keep our designs minimal so that they’ll work alongside everything else you own, while still holding their own.

    Basically, our goods are fun, sassy, and sometimes a little crass. Probably, just like you.



    Said the King is for the smart, bold, and open-minded. The ones who aren’t afraid to go after what they want and say what they mean. The ones who radiate awesomeness into the world and work hard to build a life that’s filled with the people, things, and situations they find exceptional.

    Most of all, Said the King is for the ones that are brave enough to take their own path and live their version of an awesome life — regardless of what everyone else is doing.

    We're 110% behind you as you build whatever your version of a kickass life looks like.

    And if that kickass life happens to include some clever pillows, bold plates, and opinionated tea towels, we’re going to be bffs.



    I started Said the King because my version of a FUCK YEAH life includes a lot of swearing, some fun goods, and you guys.

    My past includes working in advertising as a copywriter, which explains all the type, and purging most of the colour from my life, which explains all the black and white. I live in a houseboat in Toronto with my partner, who builds rad motorcycle kits, and my dog, who is currently between jobs.

    xo Karen King



    If all of this sounds like something you can get behind, sign up for our newsletter.
    We’ll send a heavy dose of awesome along with sales, contests, and a first look at what we’re up to.